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So, I’ve been trying out this “I Create Hold” hair styling gel by Innersense Organic Beauty and let me tell you—it’s like having your own personal hair whisperer! I use it with my flexi rods to create volume (just saying…)

Imagine you’re trying to tame a wild garden into a stunning floral arrangement. This gel does exactly that but with your hair. It holds your style beautifully without making your hair feel like it’s in a straitjacket. Whether it’s those pesky flyaways or crafting the perfect waves, it’s got you covered, rain or shine!

Ingredients and Formulation

Diving into what’s inside, well… it’s like a green smoothie for your hair! It’s packed with organic goodies:

  • Aloe vera for hydration
  • Honey for hold without the crunch, and
  • Quinoa protein to keep your locks strong and shiny

It’s like feeding your hair a bowl of superfoods every day!

Let’s dive into the lush world of aloe vera, honey, and quinoa protein, and uncover why these ingredients are like the superheroes of hair care.

Aloe Vera: The Soothing Hydrator

What is Aloe Vera?
Aloe vera stores water in its leaves, which are thick and fleshy. The gel extracted from these leaves is packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

Why It’s Interesting for Hair Care:
Aloe vera is a multitasker. It moisturizes the hair without weighing it down, soothes the scalp, reduces dandruff, and promotes healthy hair growth. Its lightweight nature makes it perfect for all hair types, especially for those with oily hair looking for hydration without the heaviness.


  • Deeply hydrates hair and scalp
  • Soothes irritated scalp conditions
  • Promotes hair growth and reduces dandruff
  • Adds shine and softness to the hair

Little-Known Fact:

Aloe vera chemically “looks like” keratin (the primary protein of hair), which allows it to rejuvenate your hair with its own nutrients, giving it more elasticity and preventing breakage”

Want to know more about the benefits of aloe vera and the potential drawbacks? Read this!

Honey: The Natural Humectant

What is Honey?
Honey is a sweet, viscous food substance produced by bees and some related insects. It’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes.

Why It’s Interesting for Hair Care:
Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it attracts moisture and locks it into the hair. This property is essential for keeping hair conditioned and preventing dryness. Plus, its antioxidant properties help keep the scalp healthy and promote hair growth.


  • Locks in moisture to prevent dry, brittle hair
  • Offers antioxidant protection to the scalp
  • Encourages hair growth and reduces hair loss
  • Adds shine and helps to soften hair

Little-Known Fact:

“Honey has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, which can help to reduce scalp infections and dandruff. Its application on hair can also act as a natural lightener over time, giving your hair natural highlights with repeated use”

Quinoa Protein: The Strength Builder

What is Quinoa Protein?
Quinoa protein is extracted from the quinoa grain, and it considered a “whole” or complete protein source because it contains all nine essential amino acids. These amino acids are the building blocks of hair.

Why It’s Interesting for Hair Care:
Quinoa protein strengthens hair, enhances elasticity, and protects the hair shaft. It can penetrate the hair, delivering nourishment and repair from the inside out. Its amino acids help repair damage, promote hair growth, and protect the hair from environmental stressors.


  • Strengthens hair follicles to reduce breakage
  • Enhances hair elasticity and promotes growth
  • Nourishes and repairs damaged hair
  • Forms a protective barrier over the hair to prevent damage

Little-Known Fact:

Quinoa protein forms an invisible film over the hair to protect it from environmental damage like UV rays and pollution. This protective layer can also help retain color in dyed hair, making it a favorite ingredient for those with color-treated hair”

These three ingredients are like the dream team for hair care, each bringing its own unique set of benefits to the table.

And for those of us trying to steer clear of the nasty stuff—this is a breath of fresh air. No parabens, sulfates, or anything that sounds like it belongs in a science experiment rather than on your scalp.

It’s as gentle as a mother’s touch, making it perfect even for the most sensitive skin. The texture? Light as a feather and non-greasy, it disappears into your hair like a love letter into an envelope, leaving behind only goodness.

Price and Value for Money

Now, the million-dollar question: is it worth the splurge? In the grand scheme of beauty investments, it’s like choosing between a good coffee machine at home or daily café runs. Yes, it might seem a bit pricier upfront compared to your average drugstore find, but the amount you use each time is minimal. So, it lasts ages, making each application cost just pennies.

And when you weigh it against its benefits—gorgeous, healthy hair, peace of mind knowing you’re avoiding harsh chemicals, and doing a bit for the planet—it’s definitely a worthy investment. Think of it as not just buying a hair styling product, but investing in your hair’s future.

So, darling, “I Create Hold” by Innersense Organic Beauty isn’t just a styling product; it’s a statement—a commitment to healthier hair, a healthier you, and a healthier planet. It’s like choosing organic veggies for your family, but this time, it’s for your hair. And who doesn’t want the best for their family?



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