Organic Beauty: Undaria Algae

What is Undaria Algae?

Picture this: deep in the heart of the ocean, there’s a seaweed that’s not just another plant in the sea. That’s Undaria Algae for you!

I like to think of it as the hidden gem of the ocean, hailing from the coastal regions of Japan, Korea, and China. But why should you, sitting comfortably far from these waters, care about it? Well, Undaria Algae isn’t your average seaweed.

It’s like the superhero of the skincare world, packed with nutrients that can do wonders for your skin. Imagine a natural ingredient that hydrates, rejuvenates, and even helps combat those pesky signs of aging – Yep! That’s Undaria Algae.

So, next time you’re skimming through skincare ingredients, give a little cheer if you spot Undaria Algae – your skin will thank you!

The Cultivation Process

Undaria algae, commonly known as wakame, is harvested and processed for skincare purposes through several meticulous steps:

– Harvesting: Undaria algae is typically found in cold, temperate coastal areas. Harvesting is done by hand or with specialized tools to ensure minimal damage to the algae and the surrounding marine ecosystem.

– Cleaning: Once harvested, the algae are thoroughly washed to remove salt, sand, and marine organisms. This cleaning process is crucial to maintaining the algae’s purity and quality.

– Drying: The cleaned algae is then spread out and dried. This can be done through sun-drying or using dehydrators.

– Grinding: The dried algae is then ground into a fine powder. This powder form increases the surface area, making it more effective for extraction and use in skincare products.

– Extraction: The active compounds are extracted from the powdered algae. This is usually done using solvents or a cold-press process to retain the algae’s beneficial properties.

– Purification: The extract undergoes purification to remove unwanted residues and concentrate the active ingredients.

An Unknown Fact About Undaria Algae

An intriguing yet often underappreciated aspect of Undaria algae in skincare is its ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme in the human body that breaks down hyaluronic acid, a critical component of skin hydration and elasticity.

The natural compounds found in Undaria algae, particularly fucoidan, have been shown to effectively inhibit this enzyme, thereby preserving the levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin.

Benefits for the Skin

How Undaria Algae Benefits Dry Skin and Anti-aging

Undaria algae, often a star ingredient in skincare, is like a super-hydrator for your skin, especially beneficial for those dealing with dryness. The secret lies in its rich composition of vitamins, minerals, and especially something called ‘fucoidan.’

Think of fucoidan as a moisture magnet. It helps your skin hold onto water, keeping it hydrated and plump. This is crucial for dry skin, which often struggles to retain moisture.

Additionally, Undaria algae is packed with antioxidants. These are tiny guardians that protect your skin from daily environmental stressors, like pollution and UV rays, which can make dry skin even drier and more irritated. By fighting off these stressors, antioxidants help maintain the skin’s health and moisture balance. By the way, if you want to supercharge your body with antioxidants, read this!

Then there are the fatty acids in Undaria algae, which are essential for maintaining a strong skin barrier. This barrier is like your skin’s shield, keeping the good stuff (like moisture) in and the bad stuff (like irritants) out. For people with dry skin, strengthening this barrier is key to preventing moisture loss and keeping the skin hydrated.

In simpler terms, using skincare products with Undaria algae is like giving your dry skin a big drink of water, along with some extra nutrients to keep it healthy, protected, and feeling soft and smooth.”

Best Skin Types for Undaria Algae Use

Ideal for These Skin Types:

-Dry Skin: As mentioned earlier, Undaria algae is excellent for dry skin due to its hydrating properties. It helps to retain moisture and strengthens the skin’s barrier, making it more resilient.

-Aging Skin: For those concerned with signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, Undaria algae is a boon. Its antioxidant properties and ability to protect and maintain hyaluronic acid levels in the skin help in maintaining a youthful appearance.

-Dull or Tired Skin: If your skin often looks dull or tired, the nutrient-rich profile of Undaria algae can help revitalize and bring back a healthy glow.

-Sensitive Skin: Thanks to its natural soothing properties, Undaria algae can be beneficial for sensitive skin, helping to calm redness and irritation.

Caution Advised:

-Acne-Prone Skin: While Undaria algae is not inherently harmful to acne-prone skin, its rich nature might be too heavy for some, potentially exacerbating oiliness or breakouts. It’s best to patch test first or consult with a dermatologist.

-Allergies to Seafood or Iodine: If you have allergies to seafood or iodine, be cautious with Undaria algae. Given its marine origin, it may contain traces of compounds that could trigger allergic reactions.

-Overuse on Oily Skin: Those with naturally oily skin should use Undaria algae-based products sparingly, as their rich content might make the skin feel greasier.

Recommended Products with Undaria Algae

  • Undaria Algae™ Body Butter by OSEA: ultra-hydrating body butter made to fight signs of aging. It contains Undaria seaweed, whipped shea butter, and ceramides, say hello to 72hrs of hydration and bye to crepey skin! Buy it HERE!
  • Undaria Algae™ Body Oil by OSEA: I love this non-greasy body oil. The goal of this potion? Boost elasticity and provide deep moisturization. It’s infused with Undaria algae, which is soaked in barrels of oils to infuse the vitamins and minerals. This oil is rich in antioxidants This is a full-body glow enhancing deliciousness that will improve sagging skin​​. Buy it HERE!
  • Undaria Algae Body Butter by Credo: Use this to hydrate your skin and fight free radicals at the same time. Yes, please! This one is vegan, gluten-free, and meets the Credo Clean Standards.


1. Can I use Undaria pinnatifida powder for skincare?

Yes, its hydrating properties make it excellent for DIY skincare products.

2. Where can I buy Undaria pinnatifida?

It’s available in forms like powder and flakes online, for example, at Alganex.

3. What are the benefits of using Undaria pinnatifida in skincare?

It hydrates, plumps the skin and is rich in antioxidants and minerals.


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