DIY Clean Beauty Shampoo That Matches Your Hair Type  

Whether your locks are begging for moisture, trying to recover from color treatments, drowning in oil, or you’re on a quest for the perfect tear-free kids’ shampoo, I’ve got you covered with my DIY clean beauty shampoo recipe… or recipes I should say. I have several that fit your hair type and needs. 

Let’s dive into these easy-peasy, tailor-made recipes that’ll make your hair thank you (in its own way).

For the Thirsty Locks: Hydration Hero Shampoo

Picture this: your hair, but as if it spent a spa day sipping on the finest hydration cocktail. Sounds dreamy? Mix up this potion:

  • ¼ cup coconut milk (the ultimate hydrator)
  • ⅓ cup aloe vera gel (for that soothing touch)
  • A few drops of lavender essential oil (because it smells like a calm lavender field)

Blend these together, and you’ve got a shampoo that not only moisturizes but also turns shower time into a serene escape.

Rescue Remedy Shampoo -For Chemically Damaged Hair

Been experimenting with colors and now your hair’s sending an SOS? Let’s whip up a concoction that’s gentle yet rejuvenating:

  • ¼ cup castile soap (as gentle as a cloud)
  • ¼ cup brewed chamomile tea (to soothe and repair)
  • 1 tsp avocado oil (a hero for damaged hair)
  • A whisper of peppermint essential oil (for that invigorating scalp tingle)

This blend helps soothe the aftermath of our color adventures, making your hair feel loved and cared for.

For the Shine Without the Grease: Light as Air Shampoo! (For Oily Hair)

Imagine your hair so light and fluffy it could practically float. We’re turning that into reality with:

  • ⅓ cup castile soap (the base of our dreams)
  • ¼ cup brewed green tea (to balance oil production). I like drinking this one.
  • 1 tsp lemon juice (for that extra grease-cutting power)
  • A hint of rosemary essential oil (because it’s like a wake-up call for your scalp)

This mix is your ticket to bouncy, fresh-feeling locks, minus the oil slick.

For the Little Ones: Gentle Waves Shampoo

Want a shampoo that’s as gentle as a mother’s touch and won’t cause any tears (except maybe tears of joy)? Here’s the magic formula:

  • ¼ cup castile soap (gentle for those precious heads)
  • 1 tbsp vegetable glycerin (for a soft, soothing lather)
  • 1 cup distilled water (to keep it mild)
  • A couple of drops of sweet orange essential oil (for a scent that makes bath time a breeze)

This shampoo is as soft and gentle as a lullaby, making it perfect for the little ones’ delicate hair and scalp.

Don’t have time to DIY? Here are some options for your kids:

Need options for you? Here, I’ve got you covered (end of the article)!

FAQ: Your Brew, Your Hair

1. Can I adjust these recipes for my hair’s specific needs?

Absolutely! Think of these recipes as a base. Feel free to tweak the essential oils or add-ins based on what your hair loves. It’s all about making it yours.

2. How long do these homemade shampoos last?

Stored in a cool, dry place, they can last up to a month. Just give them a good shake before use if they’ve been sitting for a bit.

3. My hair’s adjusting to the DIY shampoo. Is that normal?

Totally normal. Your hair might go through a little detox phase as it gets used to the absence of commercial product ingredients, but give it time. It’s like your hair is learning to breathe again.

4. Can I use these recipes on colored hair?

Yes, but if you have chemically treated or colored hair, always patch test first to ensure the ingredients are kind to your color. 

Here’s to turning our kitchens into our personal beauty labs and our showers into spas. Cheers to fabulous hair days ahead!



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